SVSBD History

2007 Local  Svsbd Hill History

After some kids from Palo Alto and Campbell raced in Vallejo in 2006 there were plenty of drivers ready to race in Silicon Valley. We were able to organize our own race. After reviewing many potential race sites, we decided on Dana Street in Mountain View. Thanks to  financial and logistical support, as well as  manpower from Air Systems Inc of San Jose, and the backing of the Palo Alto Elks, the kids were able to race closer to home. This also allowed us to bring Super kids racing back to California. Unfortunately, racing on Dana Street became too expensive and we moved the races to Hanover Street in Palo Alto. During the 2015-16 rally season we began racing in Livermore, San Jose, and Tuolumne.  In 2019 Folsom and Los Gatos were added as race sites.  We continue to look for new locations, hoping to give more Northern California kids the opportunity to experience the Soap Box Derby.



Alison Parman 5Th Place 08 Local Stock

Allison Parman 5th Place Local Stock – 2008

Veronica Harris 2nd Place Superstock Rally 11

Veronica Harris 2nd Place Rally SuperStock – 2011

Gus Krider World Rally Champion 3Rd Place Masters 12

Gus Krider 3rd Place World Rally Masters – 2012

Conner Mcvey 9Th Rally Superstock 14

Connor McVey 9th Place Rally SuperStock – 2014

Jessica Harris Ryan Tomlinson Build And Battle 2Nd Place 14

Jessica Harris & Ryan Tomlinson 2nd Place Build and Battle – 2014

Henri Decocker Mini Car Champion 14

Henri DeCocker 1st Place Mini Car Race – 2014

Amandamcvey Best Decorated Ss 14

Amanda McVey Best Decorated SuperStock – 2014 & 1015

 Build & Battle 2015

Brendan Schmidt & Connor McVey Build & Battle Champions – 2015

Ian Leyen 1st Place Subway Challenge '16

Ian Leyen 1st Place Subway Challenge Stock – 2016

Ian Leyen International Champion '16

Ian Leyen International Champion Stock – 2016

Cody Ojeda 2nd Place DQ Challenge '16

Cody Ojeda 2nd Place DQ Challenge Super Stock – 2016

Veronica Stagnaro 5th Place '16

Veronica Stagnaro 5th Place Local Super Stock -2016

Ronan '17

Ronan Johnson 2nd Place Local Masters -2017

Cody '17

Cody Ojeda 1st Place Local SuperStock Challenge & 8th Place Local SuperStock- 2017

Veronica Stagnaro 4th Place Local Masters -2018

Cody Ojeda 1st Place Masters Rally Challenge -2018

Cody Ojeda 6th Place Rally Masters -2019

Cody Ojeda 8th Place Rally Masters- 2023